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Display Dynamic Slider Ads
How to create Display Dynamic Slider Ads?
How to create Display Dynamic Slider Ads?

Build carousel ads and enable engagement and seamless scrolling to your users.

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By using a slider element in your Dynamic Ads, you can showcase multiple products from your dynamic feed and let your target group engage with the ad scrolling through it by clicking on a button to go left or right.

💡 Good to know: Display Dynamic Slider Ad is available for the following advertising networks: Google Ads, Google Studio, and Criteo.

Follow the steps below to start creating your Slider Ad:

  • In the main hub, click on “Create” and click on “ Display ads”.

  • Select "Create dynamic ads".

  • Select "Create dynamic slider ads".

  • Choose the feed you'd like to use to build the Slider ads or upload a new feed if you haven't done it yet.

  • Select now the display sizes you need. If you want to add custom sizes, you do it by clicking "Add size". After that, click on "Continue".

  • Give a name to your adset and click on "Done".

  • That's it! You will land in the ad editor. You can immediately see that, by default, the Slider element is added to the canvas. For more information about the Slider element, please check out this article.

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