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Uploading feeds in Bannerwise
I can’t upload a feed: Unsupported CSV file.
I can’t upload a feed: Unsupported CSV file.

Learn how to resolve this error and avoid from happening again.

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If you are trying to upload a feed in Bannerwise and get the error message “Unsupported CSV file” it means that the format delimiter in your feed is not supported in Bannerwise.

Delimiters are the characters used in your feed to separate the different data fields. The most common delimiter in a CSV file, for example, is a comma:


Bannerwise supports the following formats as delimiters:

  • Comma: ,

  • Semicolon: ;

  • Tab: \t

  • Pipe, vertical line: |

If the delimiters used in your feed are done with a space or colon (:) you won’t be able to upload your feed to Bannerwise. To be able to upload your feed, make sure the delimiters used are supported by Bannerwise. Once you make this change, please upload the feed again.

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