Chapter 7: Google Studio dynamic ads FAQ
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Find below the most common questions about Dynamic ads for Google Studio:

1. What feed attributes can I use in my dynamic ad?

The feed attributes you can use in your display ad are determined by Google. This resource by Google describes the required attributes. One of the most important things to remember is that Google Studio required two attributes: the reference "ID" or "Unique_ID" and "Reporting_Label". Make sure your feed contains these two.

2. Do you have example feeds I could use?

Yes, we do! In case you don't have your own feed ready, you can use one of our

test feeds that can be found here.

3. What languages are supported in the feed?

The content of the feed can be in any language using Latin script. The names of

your attributes have to be in English.

4. Do feeds support special characters? (e.g. ñ)?

Yes, but only special characters coded as UTF-8. Here you can find a list of

special characters that could be used and the corresponding code that should be

in your feed if you want this character displayed in your dynamic ads.

5. Is there a limit to the number of lines in my feed?

There is no limit to the number of lines in your feed.

6. Can I use a custom font in my dynamic ads?

Yes, you can. However, it is important to consider the file size of your ads. When

using a custom font file KB size of your dynamic ads may exceed 150KB. Using a

custom font in your dynamic creatives means that all characters in the font are

needed, because the feed content is likely to contain all characters. This results in

a larger file size.

7. How can I preview a live version of my dynamic ads after export?

Your price attributes in your feed should include a currency code (e.g. USD or

EUR) to reference the price in a specific currency. In Bannerwise, any price

elements that include a currency code will also display this code as text. For

example, when you see 19.99USD in Bannerwise, you will see $19.99 in Studio.

8. Will my dynamic ads still work after my feed data is updated?

Yes, your feed can be updated manually or automatically. This does not apply to

any changes you make to feed attributes.

9. Will my feed attributes be automatically updated in Bannerwise?

No, when you add a feed to Bannerwise, a snapshot is made of all your

attributes and the first 10 line items in the feed. This happens so that you’re able to

link the attributes of your feed to Bannerwise elements. Since your feed is not

hosted on our server, you will need to walk through all steps of this guide again. For more information, have a look at this article.

10. Where can I find help to create my own feed?

We recommend working with feed management tools like Channable or


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