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How to calculate the size of my ads in the ad editor?
How to calculate the size of my ads in the ad editor?
Calculate the size your ads before downloading them and make sure they don’t exceed the maximum size required.
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In Bannerwise, it is possible to calculate and check the estimated file size of your HTML .zip file ads before downloading them. Any other file type such as GIF, MP4, PNG... is not possible to calculate at the moment. This comes in handy to make sure ads don’t exceed the maximum file size according to IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the specifications of the DSP you want to work with. Another benefit is that you will save time as you will only download your ads once their size is good to go.

Read below how to calculate the file size of your ads while building them:

1. All view: In the toolbar, you can see the following option available:

Simply click on “Calculate file sizes” icon and each ad will show its’ size at the bottom:

This is a great option to know how big your ads are and avoid downloading them multiple times. If ads exceed the size, you can edit them and calculate the size again.

2. Single view: If you are working on “Single view” you can calculate the file size of one specific ad size. On the toolbar you can see the following option:

To calculate the file size of the ad you are working with, simply click on the “Calculate file size” and wait until you get the calculation. Once the size is calculated, you will see it where the calculator was firs showing:

Remember that you can use this feature as much as you want to make sure your ads don’t exceed the file size required by the network you will use.

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