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How to translate ads?
How to translate ads?

Read how to speed up the production process by adding translations to your ads

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Translations help you efficiently serve multiple markets and countries. In Bannerwise, you can easily generate ads in the languages supported at this moment.

Before starting, make sure you have added languages to your adset.

Follow the steps below and start translating your ads:

  • Translating ads is only possible in the "All view" editor. Make sure you're there and click on the language drop-down menu.

  • From the list of languages that display now, select the one you want to start translating. In our example, Spanish.

  • You can now translate your texts. Click on a “button” or “text element” in the sidebar on the left.

  • Type the translated text in the box. You will see the text appear on the canvas.

When you’re satisfied with your translation, click anywhere on the canvas to stop editing the text. That’s all! Select all the text elements that need translations until your ad is done.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat.

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