If you have created a template, follow these steps to know where to find it:

  • Click on “Manage” and click on “Templates”

  • You will find the list of templates you have saved.

You can click on “Edit” to modify the design of a template or click on “More” to do one of the following actions:

  • Duplicate: Duplicate a template and use the copy to build a new ad. It is handy to have a template with animations and element designs that you use often, to generate new ads very easily and in no time.

  • Assign to folder: Assign a template to a specific folder for a better organization.

  • Assign to client: Assign a template to a client and make it available in a specific workspace.

  • Delete: Delete the template.

To find your templates and re-use them, you first need to save an ad set as a template. Read this article to learn how to save an ad as a template.

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