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How to connect to Adform?
How to connect to Adform?

This article will explain the steps to easily integrate to Adform using an API connection

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With Bannerwise it is possible to directly push ads to Adform using an API integration. Below, you can find the requirements and steps needed to set it up. Thanks to this integration it's possible to push and publish ads directly, no more ad exports are needed, which means less manual work and saving time.

Before enabling anything in Bannerwise, ensure that the user account you are going to connect with in Adform has the following settings enabled:

1. Adform users must have a Profile.

  • Your Adform direct login must have a User Profile. To know if you already have a User Profile, click on "Manage Profile" under "Account Settings" in Adform.

  • If your direct login doesn't have a profile yet, the option "Convert to Profile" will be available. Read and follow the instructions Adform provides to successfuly convert your user as Profile.

2. Adform user must have "Reporting Stats API" enabled.

  • To ensure the connection between Bannerwise and your Adform account is successful, your user profile must have a Module Access enabled. Specifically, the one named "Reporting Stats API" under "Additional services" category.

  • In your Adform account, click on "User Management".

  • Click on the user name from the list you will see and click on "Module Access" tab. Scroll down and click on "Reporting Stats API" option.

That's it! Your Adform user account is now ready. Time to go back to Bannerwise and start setting up your AdForm API integration:

  • Click on "Configurations" in the top right corner of the hub and click on "Integrations" in the dropdown menu. 

  • Click on "the toggle" in the AdForm option.

  • To enable the integration, log in your Adform account. Fill in your "Username" and "Password" and click on "Log in".

  • Once you're logged in, Bannerwise will request permission to access information from your Adform account. Click on "Allow".

Your Adform toggle will now be enabled which means the connection is ready! Time to push your ads directly! Please click on the articles below for the last steps:


This integration has a cost of 49,00€ per month. The API will be active from the purchase date until the renewal date of your plan and will automatically renew.

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If you want to know more about this feature, you can send all your questions to We'll be ready to help you!

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