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How to export your display and social ads as MP4 or PNG?
How to export your display and social ads as MP4 or PNG?

This article will show you the steps to export your social and display ads as MP4 or PNG

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Bannerwise gives the possibility of creating display and social ads and you will also be able to download them.

Please, follow the steps shown below if you want to export your ads as MP4 or PNG:

  • Click on “Manage” in the hub and click on “Ads”. 

  • Click on “Publish” on the right of the ad set you want to publish.

  • Click on the network you want to download the ads for and click on "Continue".

  • In the following step, choose and output filetype and the different ad sizes and languages you would like to include in your export. 

  • Click on “Download” when you are done! 

For the MP4 ads, you will be asked to submit a request by giving us an email to which the MP4 ads will be sent. You will receive the files as soon as they are ready!

We hope the information in this article was useful to achieve your goal. If there is anything else we can help you with and you couldn't find it in our help center, don't hesitate to contact us by chat. We are always ready to help you.

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