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Creating in-banner video ads
Setting up your first in-banner video ad
Setting up your first in-banner video ad
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In-banner video ads are arguably the most engaging form of digital advertising. In-banner video offers limitless options of engaging and reaching your audience, and its a very effective alternative to the use of static images in your display ads. 

So, it’s time you also get started with adding in-banner videos to your ads. In this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we will explain how you can easily create in-banner video ads.

What are in-banner video ads?
In-banner video ads are display ads with click-to-play or autoplay videos on their
foreground or background. Just as other display ads, they are shown in preset
shapes and sizes (such as 250 x 300). They can expand to a larger interactive panel or redirect users to a relevant domain.

Building your first in-banner video ad
When you’re ready to start building your in-banner video ad, you come back to Bannerwise. Here, your navigation starts on the page you land on after logging in. We call this page the “hub”.

Starting point
An in-banner video is an example of an HTML5 ad. To get creative with this kind of ad, you have to click on the “Create” tab. Then, select the type of ad you want to create. Since you are creating an HTML5 ad, you have to select “Display Ads”

To create static, animated HTML5 or in-banner video ads, click on the button that says “Create standard ads”. To begin with a blank canvas, click on “Create from scratch”. If you want to use a template instead, you can, of course, select this as well. 

Select the network
Now you have to decide which network you are creating your ads for and click “Continue”

Template or blank canvas
To begin with a blank canvas, click on “Create from scratch”

Select sizes
You’re now asked to select the sizes you want to work with. The available default sizes are filtered based on the selected network. You can choose from a selection of common sizes and shapes, but you can also add a custom size. For this, you click on the button that says “Add size”. After selecting your preferred size, click “Continue”

Name your ad set
Add an ad set name that you can easily retrieve later on. When you are satisfied with the name, click “Done”.

Great! You’ve now successfully created an ad set for your first in-banner video ad. To learn more about how you can add a video element, please continue with the next section of the Beginner’s Guide: Adding an in-banner video element to your ad.

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