In this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we will explain how you can easily adjust dynamic elements. For this, we cover two ways for you to edit these elements. You can do this in the property panel of the “single view”, or in the “all view”.

The main difference here is that in single view, you always edit one single element at a time. In all view, you edit the same elements simultaneously. While the single view contains more editable options in the property panel, the properties for dynamic elements are exactly the same. 

It’s also important to already have a clear understanding of what the reference and index of your dynamic elements refer to. For this, check out our section on ‘Adding dynamic elements to your display ads’.

To replace a dynamic element with another, first, go to either the “single view” or “all view”. Then, select a new reference and index in the property panel. Please only change the index if you are absolutely sure you have to - for example when you want to display a second feed item, such as another product. When you change the index randomly, it will show another product or item. 

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Basically, we’ve now covered all the basics about adding and adjusting your dynamic ads. But there’s more. When you are eager to learn more, please check out one of the resources below! 

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