In this section of the Beginner’s Guide, we will cover all the steps that you need to take in order to create HTML5 ads from scratch.

Starting point

All navigation of the platform starts from the page you land on after logging in. We call this page our “hub”. To start with creating your first HTML5 ad from scratch, please follow the steps below. 

In the main navigation of the hub, click on the tab “Create”. You now have to select the type of ad you want to create. Since you are creating HTML5 ads, you have to
select “Display Ads”

To create static, animated HTML5 or in-banner video ads, click on the button that says “Create standard ads”

If you want to learn how to create Dynamic Ads instead, read this Beginner’s Guide to find out more. 

Select the network
Then, select the network you’re creating your ads for and click “Continue”. Please keep in mind that when creating your ads, the available features will slightly depend on the network you’ve selected. So it’s wise to play around with the networks a little bit, to see what features are offered in total. 

Template or blank canvas
In this part of the Beginner’s Guide, we will explain how you create HTML5 ads from scratch, so select “Create from scratch” to get started. You can also decide to create your ads based on a template, but to teach you all the basics, we will begin with a blank canvas instead. 

Select sizes
You’re now asked to select the sizes you want to work with. The available default sizes are filtered based on the selected network. You can choose from a selection of common sizes and shapes, such as skyscrapers and rectangles (when applicable), but you can also add a custom size. For this, you click on the button that says “Add size”. After selecting your preferred size, click “Continue”

Manage your ads
Add an ad set name that you can easily retrieve later on. To be able to manage your ad sets smartly, you also have the option to select or create (sub)folders in by clicking on the “folders” dropdown. This is, of course, optional, but makes storing your ads a lot easier. When you are satisfied with the name and optional folder, click “Add folder”

You’re now redirected straight to the drag-and-drop editor. Time to get creative! 

Discover more
Now you know how to set up your first HTML5 ad. It’s time to learn how to get creative reading the next section of the Beginner’s Guide: Getting creative with your first HTML5 ad

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