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How to add multiple click areas?
How to add multiple click areas?

Make sure that your ad lands on the right URL by adding multiple click areas

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Some designs require you to add multiple click areas for example, when you are advertising multiple products in one ad.

💡 Good to know: Not all networks allow click areas. In order to follow the steps below, you must use a network that allows click areas.

To add multiple click areas to your ads follow the steps below:

  • Click areas are added from the "add element button" in the scene:

  • Click on the "+" button and select "click area" from the dropdown menu

  • You will now be able to place the "click area" element wherever you want in your ad.

  • Enter the URL in the property panel on the right side of the screen

  •  If you want to add another click area please repeat the steps above


If you have added a click area and a landing page URL to your ads, click area's URL will overwrite the landing page URL.

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