In Bannerwise you can create custom social dynamic ads for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest and update the layout of the images once the ad set has been published.

 To make changes to your design, simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Manage” in the hub and click on “Ads” .

  • Find the DPA you would like to update and click on “Edit”.

  • Edit your ads by making changes to the layout and design in "Single view".   

  • Make sure that the changes you made are saved either by clicking the “Save” button or enabling the autosave feature. 


To ensure your ads apply the newest design, you will need to publish the ad set again.

You don't need to manually change the feed URL in your Product Catalogue. Your DPA will automatically be updated to display the new layout if you have set up the schedule correctly.

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