DISCLAIMER: Custom dynamic product ads created in Bannerwise will only work with Facebook Product Catalogs that have selected the “E-commerce” as their business type. Take a look at our guide on creating a product catalog in your Facebook Business account to learn more about the required setup. 

Once you have generated/published your first custom dynamic product ad (DPA) for Facebook, you can update it your design or layout any time you like. To make changes to your design, simply follow the steps below to generate a new set of dynamic product ads.  

  1. Navigate to the Hub and select “Manage” → “Banners”. Note: Make sure you have selected the correct label/client otherwise you will not find the DPA you are looking for. 
  2. Find the DPA you would like to update and click on “Edit” 
  3. Edit your ads by making changes to the layout and design in The Single view.   
  4. Make sure that the changes you made are saved either by clicking the “Save” button or enabling the autosave feature. 
  5. Navigate back to the hub under “Manage” → “Banners” and find the updated DPA ad. 
  6. Select the “Export” button and click “Generate feed” to publish the changes made. Note: There is no need to manually changes the feed URL in your Facebook product catalog. Your DPA will automatically be updated to display the new layout if you have set up the scheduling correctly in your Facebook product catalog. If you are not sure if you have set up your catalog correctly, take a look at our article covering the setup for your Facebook product catalog

If you didn't find what you are looking for in this article or you are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact support@bannerwise.io or contact us via the support chat.

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