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How to preview dynamic ads for Google Ads?
How to preview dynamic ads for Google Ads?

This article will cover how to preview Dynamic banners for Google Ads.

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All standard HTML5 ads created an exported from Bannerwise can be viewed locally by unzipping the export and viewing the index. This lets you view your ad in the browser to make sure everything looks just right. 

When exporting dynamic creatives from Bannerwise, viewing them locally is not possible and will show you empty blank spaces where your dynamic placeholders should be. 

Local Preview: 


Preview in Google Ads:

The dynamic banner that is exported from Bannerwise, includes no test data from the feed to populate the dynamic placeholder, leaving them blank when viewed locally. If you wish to preview your dynamic banner for Google ads, you will have to upload them into your dynamic Google campaign and link them with a feed to fill the dynamic placeholders. You can read here how to upload your dynamic banner to Google Ads. 

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