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Why are fallback images blurry?
Why are fallback images blurry?

Read why blurry fallbacks won’t affect your campaign and stop worrying about their image quality

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Fallback or backup images are static images (PNG or JPG) that display in your ad space when the main display advertisement fails to load in a website. Fallback images ensure that your ad space is always used successfully instead of showing an empty space.

In Bannerwise, it is possible to generate fallback images and, if you’re reading this article, it most likely means that some of your fallback images are not exported as sharp as you’d like.

The truth is that there's no reason to worry about how your fallback images look. Even though we understand that everyone wants to have good-looking and sharp backup images, in practice, this will not affect the performance of your campaign. The chance that a fallback image displays is so small and unlikely nowadays that you shouldn’t worry and spend your time getting sharp PNG or JPG files with the best quality.

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