I can't upload a feed: Forbidden.

Learn how to resolve this error and avoid from happening again.

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If you are trying to upload a feed in Bannerwise and get the error message “Forbidden” it means that Bannerwise can’t access the source feed URL you added. This error occurs when the feed URL isn't accessible for everyone publicly.

There are three different reason why your feed couldn't be accessed:

  1. The file simply does not exist.

  2. The file has "private" access level instead of "public" and therefore, not everyone can access the file.

  3. The file requires credentials in order to get access using a browser URL.

To fix this error, make sure the feed URL you want to upload meets the following conditions:

  • The feed URL is pointing to a file with the right access level: public and accessible to everyone.

  • The feed URL is pointing to the right location.

  • The feed URL you added contains no typos.

When these changes are made to the feed, upload your feed in Bannerwise.

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