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Google Studio: The image in the field labelled "image_link" couldn't be downloaded.
Google Studio: The image in the field labelled "image_link" couldn't be downloaded.

Learn how to troubleshoot this issue and make sure all images use the correct colour space.

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Did you upload you dynamic feed to Google Studio and got the following error when transforming its content?: “The image in the field labelled image_link for record number “X” could not be downloaded based on the url “Y”. Please ensure that the image url is correct and try again.”

This means that images in your feed contain a colour profile CMYK and this is not supported by Google Studio. In this resource by Google, you can read the specifications dynamic images must comply with. Images must use RGB colour space.

How to check the colour profile an image uses?

To know what images need to be changed in your feed you first need to know the colour space they are using:

  • Download one of the images in your feed to your device.

  • Click on the right mouse button and select “Get info”.

  • You will now see all the properties of the image. There is a category named “Colour space”. That’s where you will find whether the image is RGB or CMYK. Make sure that all images in your feed are RGB.

To be able to upload your feed without errors in Google Studio, replace the images that are not accepted. One the feed is updated and fixed, upload it again.

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