To follow the steps in this chapter, you need to log in your Facebook Business page.

Step 1: Go to Commerce Manager on your Facebook Business Page.

Step 2: Click on "Add Catalogue"

Step 3: Click on “E-commerce” and click on "Next".

Step 4: Select "Upload Product Info" and add a name to your catalog. Click then on "Create".

Step 5: Click on "View Catalogue".

Step 6: Under "Catalogue", click on "Items" and click on "Add items".

Step 7: Select "Use Bulk Upload" and click on "Next".

Step 8: Select "Scheduled feed" and click on “Next”.

Step 9: Enter the feed URL generated by Bannerwise and click on “Next".

Step 10: Click on "Daily" as option to update your inventory and click on “Next". We advise a daily schedule, at around 07:00 AM GMT+1, since we sync around 06:00 AM


Step 11: Enter the default currency for your catalog. In our case, "Euro" and click

on “Upload".

Step 12: Check if there are any issues in your feed columns. If necessary, correct your feed and upload it again. Click on "Upload".

This is it! From this point on you can create campaigns in Facebook using your custom

dynamic product ads in this catalogue. For more information about this, check this guide.

Next step: Chapter 5: Updating your Dynamic Facebook Ads.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in publishing Facebook DPA, schedule a meeting with our Customer Success Manager. We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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