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Why are my Google Studio ads not clicking?
Why are my Google Studio ads not clicking?

Learn how to troubleshoot this and avoid it from happening again.

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Did you upload your ads to Google Studio but they are not redirecting to the Landing Page exit URL? This normally happens when the exit URL hasn’t been added in Google Studio during the process of uploading the creatives.

As you know, some networks require of adding the exit URL in the network itself.

Follow the steps below to start troubleshooting this:

  • Go to your Google Studio account and click on the creative that's not clicking.

  • Go to the 3rd step “Edit events”.

  • You now see a field named “Destination”. Make sure you add the correct URL you want your ads to exit in this field.

  • Click on “Next” when you're done and check the preview.

  • Click on your ad in the preview. You should now be sent to the URL.

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