The biggest difference between Dynamic ads and Smart Dynamic Ads is that these last ones give you the possibility of setting up dynamic rules and conditions. At this moment, Smart Dynamic Ads are only supported for Facebook and Instagram.

Creating conditions will help you get more relevant ads with just one feed, giving you the ability to optimize ad layouts making sure you get the most out of every line item of your feed. Conditions are composed by a group of rules, and rules are based on the line item attributes of your feed: image_URL, price, sales_price, title, description… An example of a condition could be:

“If ${price} equals ${value} AND ${sale_price} equals ${value}”.

While serving the ad, a different version of the default ad is displayed for each created condition. This way you are able to create more relevant ads with just one feed. It will make sure that the ad will 100% be able to get the most out of every single line item in the associated feed.

Below, you can find some common use cases where the use of dynamic rules and conditions can make a difference in your campaign:

  • Social proof: show product rating and reviews in your ads.

  • Create urgency: show how many items are left in stock.

  • Promotions: show the items that are on sale.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in using it, schedule a meeting with our Customer Success Manager. We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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