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Dynamic Remarketing Google Ads: Create and publish your campaign
Chapter 2: Creating a dynamic display campaign in Google Ads (Retail)
Chapter 2: Creating a dynamic display campaign in Google Ads (Retail)
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After connecting your Google Merchant Center account, you can set up a dynamic campaign. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Google Ads account. Under “All campaigns”, on the left vertical navigation bar, click on “Campaigns”.

Step 2: Click on“New campaign” and select a goal you want to accomplish with your campaign from the list provided and click on "Continue".

Remember that the only campaign type that does not support custom dynamic ads is Product and Brand Consideration. If you choose the goal “Product and brand consideration” you will not be able to use your custom dynamic ad created in Bannerwise.

Step 3: After you’ve selected a goal, you can select a campaign type. Select ‘Display’.


Step 4: Next, you will get an overview of the campaign settings. Give your campaign a name and find the expandable named "additional settings" right below the budget settings.

Step 5: Find and select the option "Dynamic ads", check the box "Use a data feed for personalised ads" and select your product feed from the list to add it to your campaign. This feed has to be the same feed you will upload to Bannerwise.

Step 6: Click on "Create campaign" at the end of the page. Your dynamic campaign is now created!

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in publishing dynamic ads for Google Ads, schedule a meeting with our Customer Success Manager. We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.


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