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Dynamic Remarketing Google Ads: Create and publish your campaign
Chapter 1: Adding your feed to Google Merchant Center account (Retail)
Chapter 1: Adding your feed to Google Merchant Center account (Retail)
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Retail feeds can be uploaded as an XML or TXT via a Google Merchant Center account. Since we only support the upload of XML feeds in Bannerwise, please make use of the XML option.ย 

Linking your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account will give you access to your retail feeds located in Google Merchant Center (GMC) and make them available in your Google Ads account.

If you have already linked your GMC account with your Adwords account, please proceed to Chapter 2.

To link your accounts follow these simple steps:

Step 1: In your Merchant Center account, click on the "tool" icon and select "Linked Accounts".

Step 2: Select Google Ads.

Step 3: Under โ€œOther Google Ads accountsโ€ click on "Link Account".

Step 4: Fill in the "Google Ads customer ID" and click on "Send Link Request".

You can find the customer ID at the top right of any Google Ads page when you're signed in, near your email address.

Step 5: Click on "Link". Linking the accounts doesn't grant administrative access to either account holder, and either you or the Merchant Center account holder can unlink the accounts at any time.

Step 6: As a next step, you will have to login to your Google Ads account to approve the link request. Click on "Tools & Settings", then select "Linked accounts".

Step 7: Open the "Google Merchant Center" section.

Step 8: You can now see the accounts pending for approval. Click on "view details".

Step 9: Click on "Approve".

Once the GMC account is connected, the feed automatically shows up in your list of feeds when you create a dynamic campaign in Google Ads.

If you want to know more about this feature and are interested in publishing dynamic ads for Google Ads, schedule a meeting with us! We will provide you with the next steps and all you need to know.



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