In Bannerwise we make use of 3 preset user roles called Admin,  Marketer and Designer. Next to that any user role is customisable, which means you can start from a preset and add or remove permission levels, this user role is labeled as Custom.

The permission levels we support are the following: 

  1. Create ads: Can create and edit ads in the all view. (roles: admin, designer)
  2. Build ads: Can build and edit ads in the single view.  (roles: admin, designer)
  3. Manage templates: Can build and edit templates.  (roles: admin)
  4. Manage users: Can add, invite, edit or delete users and set their level of permissions.  (roles: admin)
  5. Manage clients/labels: Can add, edit or delete labels/clients.  (roles: admin) 
  6. Manage brand: Can manage your brand and media libraries.  (roles: admin, designer)
  7. Billing options: Able to manage payment details or subscription and download invoices.  (roles: admin)
  8. Publish ads: Can download and push ads or host ads by using third-party tags.  (roles: admin)

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