You can invite users to your account without limitation, every extra user outside of your subscription plan user limit costs and additional fee of 49 euro. You can find more information about our plans on the pricing page. 

This means that if your subscription plan has a user limit count of 3 you can add 2 extra users free of charge. Every extra user will cost you 49 euro. 

We will never charge you the extra fee without you giving consent before finalizing a purchase. 

The extra user added will immediately have access to Bannerwise and receive an email to finalize the account.

When you decide to invite extra users the amount of total costs will be displayed at the bottom of the manage users section.

We calculate the first purchase depending on the days left within your subscription period. When the subscription renews we will charge you the full amount of the next period.

You can deactivate a user at any moment in time. After that the user will be able to login until the next renewal of your subscription.

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