Bannerwise gives you the opportunity to add video content to your Google Ads banners by hosting your video content on our Ad Server. This article quickly explains how you can upload video content and how you can use in-banner video in Google Ads.

Note: Please understand that hosting your video content and ads is not for free. You can find more information about the pricing of hosting add ons in this document.

Adding video elements

First, you need to confirm that your video can comply with the following requirements for Google Ads: 

  • .MP4 file only
  • Maximum duration of 15 seconds
  • One video per banner Maximum size of 2.2MB 

If you are not sure how to meet the requirements listed above please contact one of our support agent via the chat or by

To understand the features of video elements and how to use video element to your Google Ads banners you can read our general article about in banner video. 

Use in-banner video in Google Ads

As mentioned in the introduction of this article you have to host your ads in order to be able to use in banner video for Google Ads. However, you cannot upload the ads like you are used to. Luckily we also have an article explaining step by step how you can publish ads using 3PAS, you can find the article under this link. 

In this case you can always turn to the Bannerwise Support Team for help - reach out to us on or using the chat. Let us know what banner set it concerns, and we will happily help you out!

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