Google Ads allows you to serve your ads through third-party tags. Instead of using physical ads by uploading zip files, you will have to put in a 3PAS request with Google.

In these cases we recommend that you use third-party tags instead of uploading physical zip files:

  • You have an in-banner video in your ads.

Since Google Ads doesn’t support in-banner videos when you upload your ads as zip files, using third-party tags is the way to go.

  • The file size of your ads is too large but you can’t compress your ads any further without compromising on the quality of your images.

By using third-party tags you don’t have to upload the physical zip files.

  • You want to make real-time changes to your ads

Instead of downloading your ads from Bannerwise and then uploading them again to Google Ads, you could ad third-party tags to your campaign just once. After doing that, you can simply overwrite your ads in Bannerwise and they will be updated automatically.

How does it work?

  1. In Bannerwise, generate third party tags voor Google Ads by going to Publish > Generate 3rd party tags.

2. Fill in the details in this spreadsheet.

3. Fill in one of the forms below, attach the spreadsheet, and submit your 3PAS request

  • If you have a Google Account Manager you should submit your 3PAS request here
  • If you don't have a Google Account Manager you should submit your 3PAS request here.

Google will now work on your trafficking request and aims to complete its review within 24 hours. Google will notify you when your request is completed or when revision is necessary.

Please check out this resource by Google for more information.

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