What are language variants?  

The Bannerwise language feature allows you to bundle several different languages into one ad set instead of having to export separate ad sets per language. This allows for less hassle and creating an excellent overview of all the language version you’ve created for your ad set. 

With this feature, you’ll drastically reduce the time it costs you gather all your ad sets and export them one by one. In addition, it’s also easier for content managers to have all copies in the same location.

How to work with language variants?

When creating an ad set to work with language variants, you will first create all ad sizes you wish to include in your original language version. The original language selected by default when building your ad set is dependent on what default language you have set in the brand or client you are currently working in. In your client or brand folder, you can set the default language of your choice as well as select other languages that are relevant for this brand or client as a brand resource. 

If you have not set a default language for your brand or client, the original language when creating a new ad set will be English. Working in your original language will let you use the Single View to shape and animated your ad to your needs. 

When setting up text elements like buttons or texts in your default language, be sure to make use of the “scale to fit” feature. Since replacing text in a different language might cause your text to be longer or shorter than in your original version, the scale to fit feature will help automatically resize text in your language variants to fit the available space. 

When creating language variants there are several things you have to take into account. 

  • Only the original language version of your ad can be edited in the Single View
  • Each additional language version can only be edited in the All View on a set level 
  • In your language variants, you are able to edit the text content and when editing images and logos, you are only able to edit the source file and will not be able to reposition, resize, or crop images or logos.
  • You are not able to edit/change the background, border, or shapes in your language variants.

When exporting an ad set with multiple language variants, you will automatically export all language variants as separate ad formats without the need to export each version separately. Using the language feature will let you work more efficiently and keep your work organised during creation and export. 

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