Once you have uploaded your feed of choice to Bannerwise, they can be used to create dynamic placeholder in your ads. In Bannerwise you can use your feeds in one of two ways. When creating a new ad, or adding the feed to previously created banner set. This article gives you two step-by-step guides to adding your feed to a bannerset for both scenarios. `

Scenario 1: New banner set
To use your feed when creating a new banner set from scratch, follow these steps:

1. From the hub, navigate to Create → Dynamic banner → From scratch

2. Select the feed you would like to use

3. Select the sizes you would like to have in your set (you can add more later). The single view editor will open.

4. To add a dynamic element to your banner, navigate to + → Dynamic  

5. From the REFERENCE dropdown, select the dynamic element you would like to add to your banner. You may select any of the elements in your feed, like ImageUrl, Price, Description and so on. After selecting, the element will appear on your canvas.

6. Don’t forget to add a dynamic click area!

Please note: You can add multiple images and products to your banner by adding it to the canvas and selecting the same reference (or simply using your copy+paste shortcut). Make sure that the index of two elements with the same reference is different. Read more on how this works in our article covering Reference and Index

Scenario 2: Existing banner set
Please note: Specifications for feeds vary per network. That is why it’s currently not possible to add a different feed to an existing dynamic banner set for a different network (i.e. dynamic banners for Double Click may be connected to a different Double Click feed, but not to a feed for Google Ads).

To connect your feed to an existing, non-dynamic banner set, follow these steps.

1. Make sure the export settings for your banner set match that of your feed; The network needs to be the same. From the Hub, navigate to Manage → Banners and find your banner. Click export. The network is indicated to the right of the search bar. Click it to select a different network if needed.

2. Open the bannerset you would like to connect with your feed by selecting ‘Edit’. The all view will open.

3. Navigate to Settings → Dynamic and select the feed you would like to connect to the banner set.

4. Click ‘Change’ and exit the modal. You can now start to select the elements in your set that you would like to make dynamic.

5. For example, in the left-side menu, select an image or a text.

6. Turn on the dynamic toggle.

7. Select the reference for your asset. A text element can be the product name, price, description or other bit of content. 

8. Don’t forget to reference your click areas by selecting them and adding the url of your landing page as a reference!

If you didn't find what you are looking for in this article or you are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact support@bannerwise.io or contact us via the support chat.

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