Bannerwise supports the use of custom fonts for your banners so you can always build ads that reflect your brand identity. To upload your custom font to Bannerwise, the system requires a web font. If you don't have a web font or are not certain that the font you have is compatible, we recommend using Fontsquirrel to convert your font. 

Below, we have listed a short list of steps to help you get the font you want on your banner. 

  1. Visit the Fontsquirrel website
  2. Click on “upload Fonts” and search for the font you would like to convert 
  3. Switch the settings from “Optimal” to “Expert...” to view the required settings
  4. Under “Font Formats” select “Truetype” (TTF) and disable all other formats
  5. Accept the agreement on the bottom of the page
  6. Click "Download your kit"!

In some cases Fontsquirrel will not accept your font because the fonts owner has requested it to be blacklisted. This will result in the pop up below. 


If this happens to you, we will do our best to help you because the font you have uploaded is blacklisted due to copyright. Simply send a request to or drop us a message via the chat!

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