Bannerwise gives you the opportunity to add video elements to your HTML5 banners. Adding a video takes a matter of seconds but first, let's check over some important details before getting started. 


First, you need to confirm that your video can comply with the following requirements:

  • HTTPS only
  • .MP4 format
  • Maximum duration of 15 seconds
  • One video per banner
  • Maximum size of 2.2MB
  • Has to be hosted via the Bannerwise Adserver (Recommended)

Please note:

  • The requirements that are described above do not include YouTube videos. These videos can not be used when building your banners.
  • Because we cannot guarantee that 3rd party hosting technologies are supported by the Ad Networks of your choice, we recommend using our Ad Server to host your videos. Check out our pricing here

If you are using your own hosting technology, we can't guarantee that the hosting provider is certified to run in-banner video ads in the network of your choice. If you are not sure if your hosting provider supports an export network, contact support.   

Adding a Video

To add a video element to your banner make sure your assets meet the requirements listed above. To add a video element to your banner you will have to edit a banner in the single view. Once you are in the single view, click the + symbol at the top left and find the video tab. 

When you add a video element, you will have the option to provide a video source link and a thumbnail. This will have to be an https link to your hosted video. Past in your link and press verify! If everything checks out, you will see your video and placeholder in your banner.  

Video elements are not treated like other assets. They can be moved and resized but you are not able to animate video elements or move them on your timeline. Once added, your video element will appear on all slides. 



When autoplay is enabled, the video starts playing at the same time as the banner does without the user having to start by pressing the play button. NOTE that autoplay is not always supported. Some older IOS browsers and publishers don't support or allow autoplay. In this case, Bannerwise will generate your video banner in a way that conforms with the specifications of the selected export network.  


When show controls are enabled, a play/pause and mute/unmute control is displayed at the bottom of the video. Also, it will show a play button on the video to start and a replay button after the video has ended. 


When loop is enabled, the video loops/replays when it is completed. Notice that the maximum duration for loop is 15 seconds as this is the maximum video duration. Your video will reply multiple times per banner loop. 

Loop with Banner

When loop with banner is enabled, the video replays at the same time as the banner (maximum duration of 30 seconds). Your video will only play once per banner loop.

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