Bannerwise enables you to share banners with stakeholders via a URL link. This link can be configured to be completely branded with colors, logos, and hosted via a website of your choice. This allows you to customize your preview page to fit your own or clients needs!

Below you will find a list of steps to help you customize your own Bannerwise preview page and embed your preview on a custom domain. 

  1. When on your dashboard find  “Configurations” in the top right and go to “Preview Page”. 
  2. In case that you have already made some changes to your preview page like color or logo, click on the button “Make changes”. If it's your first time making changes to the preview page, you must click “Configure”.
  3. In the top right corner, click on Setup and change the base URL to your own website. NOTE: Your URL has to start with https://
  4. Make sure to press Save.

Copy the embed script and paste it into the body of a new HTML page of your website – that's all! 

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