1. Login to your DoubleClick Studio account.

2. Click on Dynamic Content in the top menu.

3. Select an Advertiser. If you don't have an advertiser – click on the red button Enable advertiser for dynamic content.

4. Click on New Profile. Now you will enter the 7-step wizard.

5. Step 1 – New Profile. Enter your Profile name.

6. Click Save and Continue.

7. Step 2 – Manage Data. Under Feeds, click New Content. 

8. For Content source select Local file. If you have data that updates on the fly select your spreadsheet from Google Docs.

Note: Your feed has to be the exact same feed and name that you upload in Bannerwise. 

When you connect your spreadsheet, you can put "output=csv" behind the URL. That way, it will be a valid URL to use without having to do any more converting.

9. Upload your CSV feed or connect your Google Docs spreadsheet. 

10. Click Continue.

11. Click the blue Save and Continue button.

12. Step 3 – Manage Rules. Set your rotation: choose Optimized or Random.

13. Click the blue Save and Continue button.

14. Step 4 – Generate Code. Here you'll find your dynamic ID. You need this to upload your feed in Bannerwise.

15. Step 5 – Preview. Continue, you haven't created a banner yet. When you upload your banners that you create in Bannerwise, you can preview them here. 

16. Step 6 – Reporting Dimensions. Continue. 

17. Step 7 – Click on the blue Publish button.

18. Go back to Bannerwise and build your banners!

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